Change the Look of a Page By Altering Page Layouts

Depending on the theme you've selected, anywhere from 4 to 6 different page layouts can be applied to each individual page of your site. Watch this short video that uses Weebly customer  as an example of how to put Page Layouts to use. 


The option to select a page layout can be found to the right of each page under the Pages tab. Select a layout and then click Edit Page to see how the page looks with that layout. This can always be changed later (and over and over again), so feel free try out different layouts to determine which one you’d like to use.


Let's take a quick look at the most common layouts. 

Tall Header

This layout is the default for each new page. It includes a section at the top of the page where a large header image can be uploaded.


Short Header

This layout includes a header area at the top of the page as well. But as implied by the name, this header is smaller than the default "Large Header" layout. 


No Header

You can probably see where this is going now. Where the Large and Small Header layouts each have an area to upload a header image, this layout does not include any such area.


Landing Page

The Landing Page layout includes space for a header image, a title, a subtitle message and an action button that can be linked to any other page of your site. The Landing Page is a good choice for a home page layout.


Keep in mind that Page Layouts really only control the functionality and look of the header area of a page. You alter the layout of a page's content by dragging elements above, beneath, and all around each other. 

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