Create a Newsletter Sign-up or Autoresponder Form

We don't provide email newsletter signup forms or auto-responder forms as part of our service. But that doesn't mean you can't use such forms with your site. Pretty much all major bulk email providers (like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber and others) provide forms you can use in our editor.  

Using one of these forms is a simple matter of copying the code provided by whatever email service you're using to one of our Embed Code elements. Let's use MailChimp as an example. Watch the short How'd They Do That video below and/or read the tutorial that follows it to learn how this works. 

When you create a list with MailChimp, they generate forms that you can use to get people to sign up. Go to Signup Forms > Embedded forms. 
Edit your form and make sure to select "Disable all JavaScript", then select and copy all the code provided.
If you're using another provider and they provide the option to disable the Javascript, you should do the same with their form. 

Now go to the Weebly Editor, and drag an Embed Code element to a page on your site.
Click the element and select Edit Custom HTML.

And paste in the code you copied earlier. When you click away from the element, the HTML code will disappear and you'll see the form itself. 

After you publish your site, any sign-ups from this form will be added directly to the list you've created at your email provider.  
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