Use Professional or Free Stock Photos

Awesome photos can make the difference between a site that's just a-ok and a site that is absolutely marvelous. If you're a photographer or have a friend who is a photographer or know a guy who knows a guy who can get you some sweet pictures, you're probably already set. But what if this doesn't describe you? 

That's where Weebly's stock photo library comes in. 

When you add a picture to your site using the basic Image element, you'll notice that one of the "Select Image" options we provide is called Search. While this is not the most obvious title we could have come up with, that Search button enables you to search for stock photography. 


Search for whatever you like and you'll see both Professional and Free results matching the topic of your search. 


As you might surmise from the labels of their respective tabs, the Free photos are free and the Professional photos cost money. To be specific, those Professional photos cost $5 a piece.

What does that $5 get you? A high-quality, royalty free image that you can use anywhere you like: on your website, in a brochure, as a fake photo that you put on your desk at work to pretend you once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. We assume you'll be using it in on your website what with Weebly being a website service, but it's entirely up to you. 

If you don't feel like paying $5, then there are plenty of excellent photos in the free database of images. Just keep in mind that these free images can ONLY be used on your website and that a small note will be made in your footer that references the photographer who took the photo (just to reinforce the point: this footer reference is only added for Free images).

If you're not sure which image(s) you want to choose as you go through them, there's no need to make a selection right this minute. You can mark any of the Professional or Free photos as favorites, which will sort them to your Favorites section from where you can purchase or choose the ones you want to use at any point in the future. 

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