Online Scheduling and Booking with Schedulista

With Schedulista, clients can start booking appointments 24 hours a day directly from your Weebly website. The app is easy to install and has a ton of great features.

Click on the app to bring up the settings to get started. The responsive functionality allows clients to schedule appointments at any time of day on any device.

The app is a the perfect tool for client- and service-based businesses such as stylists, therapists, trainers, accountants, instructors and more. It works for multiple people in the business and can sync with up to 15 calendars and service providers so that each person can set their own appointment schedule. (Make sure to provide access to everyone who needs it and encourage them to sync their calendars.)

A helpful feature that comes with Schedulista is that it's one of the apps that's integrated into the Weebly Dashboard as a card. That means that once you install the app, you'll see it in your Weebly Dashboard every time you log in, giving you a quick view of appointments. From the dashboard, you can access the app with just one click and schedule or change appointments.

Here's why you'll use this app: Schedulista makes your life easier. The robust scheduling tool not only helps you manage client appointments, but it also notifies clients (and team members) via text when they have an appointment coming up.

Schedulista integrates with your Weebly website and Facebook page so that clients can schedule from anywhere and even includes custom scheduling for each person (because not everyone works a 9-to-5 shift). Users can also manage appointments on the go from the Schedulista mobile app.

The app also has a feature to help prevent no-shows. The secure credit card capture option allows you to charge for missed appointments, if you desire. Plus every bit of information about clients is exportable and works with other marketing tools such as MailChimp.

Schedulista is easy to set up and easy to use. The beautiful display and usable interface make it simple for clients to schedule appointments online, saving you time and money. Schedulista is available in the Weebly app center — add it to your account today and try it out.

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