Importing and Syncing Your Products with Square

Syncing with Square is available for the Starter plan and above.
It also requires that you have an account with Square and have products set up in that system.

If you use Square to manage your products and you want those products to be included in your online store at Weebly, then you can import those products and if you want, enable the sync process to keep the inventory numbers for those products in sync between Square and Weebly. When syncing is activated, anytime inventory changes in Square (because of a sale, or receipt of goods, or a return), the inventory in your Weebly store is adjusted. Likewise, any inventory changes that happen in your Weebly store (from sales or returns), are reflected in Square.

Note: Gift certificates will not import or sync with Weebly. You will need to recreate gift cards in Weebly.

You sync your Weebly store with just one store location, so if you have multiple locations set up in Square, you'll need to decide which one will sync with Weebly. You may decide that you want to keep your inventory in your Weebly store separate from the inventory in your physical location. If so,  you create a separate store location in Square for your online goods, then that's the one you'll use to sync Weebly.

While the import process copies all data associated with a product (like price and description), the sync process only syncs the amount of inventory for your products. If you make changes to your products other than inventory, or you add products, you will need to re-import your products into Weebly to see those changes.

Note: Once synced with Square, you must always manage changes to your products using Square and then sync with Weebly. You cannot change your products in Weebly and then sync with Square.

Weebly imports and syncs the following product attributes (those that are required in order to import are shown in bold:

  • Product name: This must be unique in order to avoid duplication
  • Product description
  • Category the product belongs to.
  • Product variation names: Like product names, these should be unique to avoid duplication issues
  • Price
    Note that the currency for the store must be one (and only one) of the following: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, JPY  
  • SKU ID
  • Image
  • Inventory count  

When you import your Square products into Weebly, you’re asked to authorize your account by signing into your Square account, if you are not already connected. If you have multiple locations set up, you're asked to select one location to import your products from. You can choose to sync the inventory of those products on an ongoing basis, or simply do a one time import.

If you choose to continue to sync your products, once the initial import is complete, if you want to add a new product, or make changes to a product (other than inventory amounts), you need to make those changes in Square and then import into Weebly.

Import and Sync with Square

Before you begin the import process, make sure your products in Square have at least the following product attributes configured:

  • Product Name: ensure these are unique to avoid unwanted duplication of products
  • Variation Names: if the product has separate SKUs, configure names for each variation
  • Currency: the store can have only one of the following currencies for all products: USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, JPY. Multiple currencies are not supported. When importing, currencies must also match between Square and Weebly.
  • Inventory: if you plan on keeping inventory in sync between Square and Weebly, make sure that the inventory is in the location you will select to connect to between platforms.

To initially import your products from Square to Weebly, go to STORE > Products, and click Import Products


In the dialog, select Import from Square. If you want to continually sync inventory numbers between Square and Weebly, select Sync stock with Square then click Import.


Note: If you don't select Sync stock with Square, then products will only be imported into Weebly. No ongoing inventory syncing will occur.

If you have more than one location set up in Square, the dialog asks you to select which store to use for the import. Select the correct store and click Continue.


Weebly starts the import and sync process.

Note: Importing over 5,000 products from Square my slow down the import process.

Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email at the address for your Weebly account.

Tip: Importing and syncing happens in the background. You're free to visit other pages in Weebly while it is in process.


Weebly understands how products are configured in Square, so your products should sync with no configuration needed from you. Once complete, Weebly sends an email to the site's account address stating whether or not the import was successful. If the import or sync was not successful, the email describes the issue, along with steps needed to correct the problem. When successful, the products from Square display when you next visit (or refresh) the product

At this point, any changes in inventory numbers, either in Weebly or in Square, will sync to the other. But only the inventory numbers are synced. Any changes to the products themselves (such as name, description, price, etc.) or the addition of any new products, need to be done in Square and require you to re-import your products.

Re-import Square Products to Update Weebly

When you add new products or new variants to an existing product to your Square inventory, or you change any of the descriptive data about a product in Square, you'll need to re-import your products into Weebly in order to see the changes. Re-importing follows the same steps as the original import.

Importing only adds products, it will not remove them. If you delete a product (either in Weebly or in Square), you will need to manually delete the product in both accounts.

Removing Sync with Square

If you no longer want your inventory numbers to automatically sync with Square, you can remove the sync. Go to STORE > Products, click the More (ellipsis) button and choose Stop Syncing with Square


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