Add MINDBODY Branded Web Tools to Your Site

If you’re using MINDBODY Branded Web Tools, you can add these widgets to your site to allow your customers to book appointments, view class listings, and more.

To get started, log into your MINDBODY account and create a widget if you haven’t already done so. You can read about how to create widgets in this MINDBODY guide.

Once you’ve created and customized your widget at MINDBODY, you’ll need to copy the code for the widget to your clipboard and the log into your Weebly account.


In the site editor, go to the page you want to add the widget to and then click on the Build tab at the top of the page. Locate the Embed Code element and drag it anywhere you want on the page.


You’ll see the element added to the page with the default text “Click to set custom HTML”. Go ahead and click on the element to bring up the options, and the click the Edit Custom HTML button.


Select the default text and paste in the widget code you copied from MINDBODY, then click outside of the element to save. That’s it - you’re all done! Don’t forget to publish your site to make your new widget visible to people visiting your site.

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