Use a GoDaddy Domain with Your Site

The custom domain name feature allows you to set up your Weebly site with a domain name you've already registered through GoDaddy. The changes we request are simple, but it can be a rather frustrating task if you don't have any experience with editing your domain records.  We recommend that you register your domain through Weebly if you are looking to buy a new domain.
To get started, log in to GoDaddy and select My Products.

Expand your DOMAINS section, find the domain you want to use with your site, and click Manage DNS. 

Select the DNS Zone File tab. 

You'll see a whole mess of settings under this tab.  But you need only change one or two records. Start by editing the @ record at the very top of this section by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the record. 
Enter one of our IP Addresses in the provided box.  Our IP Addresses are,,,,, You can use whichever of these you feel like using (unless you've subscribed our Business service and are using the SSL option, then you'll need to use the specific IP Address we provide when you assign your domain to your site. This under Settings). All the IPs function the same way and they all work properly. If you find this confusing, just use the IP.

Once you've entered an IP, click the Save button. 
You may then need to click Save one more time. If you're presented with this hyperventalatingly presented "Action Needed!" warning, then be sure to click the Save option seen there. 
Next up, scroll down the page to make sure the "www" CNAME record points to @. If it doesn't, just edit it and change it so the record says @. 

All done!

It can take GoDaddy up to 24 hours to update their records with your change (though they're generally pretty speedy about it, so it should only take a few).  Nothing is happening on our side when you point a domain here so there isn't anything we can do to speed this up. 
The only action you need to take in our system is make sure you've assigned the domain to your site and Published it. You can assign the domain to your site via the Settings section of the editor. 
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