Update a Domain's WHOIS Info

The International WHOIS Database is a searchable index that displays the contact information for the owners of every domain. Updating the Contact Information for your domain alters the info shown in this WHOIS Database. These changes can be made via the Domains page in your Weebly account.

Go to the Domains page and click the more icon (. . .) for the domain you'd like to update.


The WHOIS Contact Information can be seen on the left side of the screen. Click Edit to change this info, or select Add Contact if none is setup already.

Make any changes you'd like to make and hit Save. Note: due to ICANN policy, making changes to your registrant contact information (email, phone number, first/last name) will result in a 60 day registrar lock during which you will be unable to transfer your domain name. 

You can also change the info for an Admin Contact and a Technical Contact, by clicking on Change next to either listed below your main Registrant info. But this isn't in any way necessary; generally speaking, the same contact information is used for each of the three. 

What if you don't want your contact information to visible to the public? You can add privacy protection to your domain to hide your personal info. This is purchased per year of domain registration, and you can click the Learn More link in the orange box to get that set up. 

Your updated information will show up in your account with us immediately. But it may take up to 24 hours or so for the change to reflect in the WHOIS Database.

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