Create an Email Address

Weebly has partnered with G Suite to provide a complete email solution for your domain name. Getting started is easy - just go to the G Suite page in your account. 


Enter the username you want for your email address and use the drop-down menu to select the domain you'd like to use. Note that your domain must be pointed to or purchased from Weebly in order to sign up for G Suite through your Weebly account. Choose a password and click on the purchase button to pay.


Next, you'll want to log in so you can agree to Google's terms of service and get started with your account. Click the log in now button, and then follow the prompts to log into your new account on the next screen. You'll need to agree to two separate terms of service pages, but once you've done that you'll be in your brand new inbox. 


Going forward, you can log in to this inbox by going to or by going to (don't forget to change the domain name to your own!).


You can also log into your inbox right from the G Suite tab in your Weebly account using the convenient Go to Inbox option. You might see a reminder to agree to the terms of service in your apps admin the first time you check out your G Suite tab after signing up. If so, just click the link, log in (using the same username and password), and then go through the get started prompts at the top of the screen in the admin console - it only takes a second, and you'll be all set then.


You can also perform some other handy actions from the G Suite page in your Weebly account, such as changing your username (rename user), changing the password, and setting up aliases. 

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