Setup MX Records for G Suite

If you purchased your domain name from Weebly then we automatically create the MX Records for your email address, which means you can stop reading this tutorial and have a slice of pie. 

But if you purchased your domain name elsewhere, you'll need to manually create your MX Records through your domain registrar. Why is this necessary? Because we have no access to these very important email records (your email won't work without them!) if a domain wasn't purchased from us. 

How you should proceed depends on your level of expertise with MX Records. 

New to configuring these kinds of records?

Google provides detailed set up instructions for a wide variety of domain hosts; you should be able to find a setup guide for your own host here:

Just follow along with the guide to add your records, and your email will be working with 24 hours. 

Are you an MX Expert? 

See the MX Record values you'll need to add to your domain here:

Don't feel comfortable setting these up yourself?

You should write your domain host and ask them to do it for you. While "MX Records" might sound intimidating or exotic to you, your domain host deals with these records every single minute of every single day. They'll be able to create your MX Records in a snap. Send them an email like this one:

I recently signed up for a service called G Suite. It allows me to use Google applications with my domain name. My domain is hosted with you and I need help in changing the MX records. To use Google for email, I have to point the MX records for my domain to Google's mail servers.

There are multiple MX records. The first one is ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. and it should have the highest priority (smallest priority value eg. 1). This is the most important MX record.

If I can have more MX records, each should have a lower priority level. The remaining MX records (smallest priority value eg. 1). are:


Once these MX records are configured correctly, I'll be able to receive mail for my domain in my G Suite email accounts. Thanks!

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