Buy Your Own Personal Domain Name

Buying your own domain name through Weebly is very straightforward. If you’ve purchased a Starter, Pro or Business plan, a domain is included in your plan (1 year free). If you are a Free customer, or joined Weebly before domains were bundled with plans, you can easily buy one right now!

There is no setup required and your site will be visible at your new domain name within minutes after you purchase the domain and Publish the site. If you're upgrading from a subdomain of to your own domain, traffic to your old free subdomain is automatically forwarded to your new domain.

To buy your own domain, go to Settings and click Change next to your site address.


Then select the second option and enter the domain name you want to register.

You can select a .com, .net or .org domain, as well as twelve other domains that represent various countries (like .de, or .fr)  The .com and .net domains are commonly used for personal sites and businesses, while .org domains are often used for non-profit organizations. And country specific domains are essentially the ".com" of the country they represent. 

If the domain you want is available you'll see the word Available to the right of the domain.  If it's not available, then you'll see Not Available - should this happen, you can try switching to .net (or another option) or just enter a different domain name until you find one that is available.  


When you're ready to buy the domain, click Continue and you'll be on your way. Once your purchase is complete, you'll need to Publish your site before the new domain name will start working.  

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