Use a Yahoo Domain with Your Site

The custom domain name feature allows you to setup your Weebly site with a domain name you've already registered through Yahoo / AT&T Small Business. The changes we request are simple, but it can be a rather frustrating task if you don't have any experience with editing your domain records. We recommend that you register your domain through Weebly if you are looking to buy a new domain.

To configure a domain from Yahoo with your site:
Start by logging into your Yahoo Small Business account.  Then go to the Domain Control Panel for the domain you want to point to Weebly.  

Select the Manage Advanced DNS Settings option from the next page. 

By default, Yahoo has two A-Records and a CNAME record (that look like just like the ones shown below) that will need to be altered to point the domain to your site.  

Edit each of the three records so that their destination is our IP Address.  

When you're done, be sure that you have assigned the domain to your website in our system so we know that you want to use it with your site.  Go here to learn how to do that.  Note that it can take Yahoo up to 24 hours to point a domain here when you make your changes (it usually only takes a couple of hours).  Nothing is happening on our end when you point a domain to our system, so the wait is not related to us in any way and we cannot make it go faster.  
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