Manage Blog Comments

We have comments turned on by default for all of your blog posts, allowing your visitors to comment on any posts you've made unless you turn comments off under your Blog Settings. These comments appear underneath each individual post in the order in which they were added.

You should reply to your comments using the same comment feature all of your readers use. If you're logged into Weebly, your comments should appear visually different, per the above in which all other commenters are listed in grey.

Additionally, if you (or any other commenter) replies directly to another comment, that comment will appear directly underneath the original comment and will be part of a thread connected to that comment. Any other replies to that comment will appear as part of that same thread.

We notify you of these comments via the email address associated with your account (you can change this to a different address for the blog under settings).


The comments can be read directly on your site or in the Blog Comments area on your Dashboard. Just select the site on which your blog lives, and you can see your Blog Comments at a glance, or click to expand.


This will bring up the comment area where you can read and delete comments. And if you turned on comment moderation (comments are not moderated unless you turn this on) via the Blog Settings, you'll be able to approve the comments from here.

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