Manage Blog Comments

Blog comment thread

Comments are enabled for your blog by default to allow your visitors to comment on any posts you've made. These comments appear underneath the post on the blog permalink page.

Posting a comment

You can reply to an individual comment to start a thread and opt to receive notifications if someone replies, but you can also view comments on your dashboard - just scroll down to the Blog Comments panel and click to go to the comment management page.

Blog comments on the account dashboard 

Here you can view and manage comments for any blogs on your website. If you have more than one blog page, you can use the dropdown menu to switch.

Approve, reject, and delete comments

If you’ve enabled comment moderation in the blog settings, this is where you’ll approve or reject any pending comments. You can also mark unwanted comments as spam or delete them, and view previously deleted comments. You can use the select checkbox to perform these actions on multiple comments at once to save time.

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