Your Site's Stats Dashboard


The Insights section of your dashboard houses a range of data on various aspects of your website that will help you track performance and guide your business decisions. Click on the dashboard preview to see more.


Insights are divided into three main categories: Traffic, Sales, and Marketing. We'll take a look at each of these in this article. You can also view a summary of your website stats from the Overview page, as shown above.


The Traffic page displays your page views and unique visits for a specific date range. Use the menus to choose the dates and the toggle to compare to the previous time frame. The Site Activity subpage will show data on the number of visitors and the most popular pages for the chosen dates, and the Sources page lets you see where your visitors are being referred from. 

What do all these stats mean?

Page Views: The number of pages visitors viewed on a given day. One visitor may visit three, ten, twenty, or any number of pages.

Unique Visitors: The number of individual visitors who came to the site. The unique visitors number should always be smaller than the page views number simply because one person can visit multiple pages and generate multiple page views.

Top Active Pages: The pages on your site with the most visits. Your home page is likely to generate the most visits.

Search Terms: This shows which search terms visitors have entered in Google, Bing and Yahoo to find your site. The more search terms you see, the better ranked your site likely is in on the search engines.

Referring Sites: If a visitor clicked a link on another site to reach your site then they have been "referred" to your own site by this other site. The more inbound links you have pointing to your site, the better your search rank will likely end up being.


The Sales page provides a comprehensive look at how well your store is performing. Choose a date range and compare sales versus orders or view the stats for each separately. Scroll down to see a graph showing the percentage of page views that resulted in an item being added to the cart and the percentage that actually ended in a purchase. From the products subpage, you can view stats for individual products and see which are selling the most. If you're a Performance plan subscriber, you can also check out how many sales you've recouped through abandoned cart automated emails.


If you're using Weebly's email marketing tools, you can monitor the impact on website traffic and sales from the Marketing page. Click the Emails link to view data for individual email campaigns, the Automations link to see how well any automated emails you've sent are performing, and the Ads link to view data related to ad campaigns.

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