My Site's Not Online! Where is it?

If you don't see your site online, there's no need to panic.  Just use our troubleshooting guide to figure out what's going on and you'll be able to get your site up and running in no time. 

First and foremost, make sure you've Published your site using the Publish button in the editor.
Still don't see your site?  That's no good!  Let's figure out what's going on.  Select the kind of address you're using:

Free Sub-Domain

There are few issues that will keep a free Weebly sub-domain from showing up online.  Other than the two issues noted at the top of the page, the only real problem which will keep a site like this from showing up is if a typo or other mistake was made when setting up the address in Weebly.  

Domain Purchased through Weebly

If you purchased the domain through Weebly, there are very few issues that will keep the site from being accessible (other than the two noted at the top of the page).  But let's take a look at the other possibilities. 

When you visit your site do you see a page like this one?

This usually means the site is not published.  However, if you know you've published your site you can try a couple of different things:

  1. Try reloading the browser by clicking the reload button at the top of the browser window.  The "Not Published" page could potentially be saved in your cache.
  2. Make sure you didn't make a typo in the address.  First check your browser address bar and, if everything is spelled correctly there, then check the address in the Settings tab of the editor.

What if you don't see the above, but see something like this instead?
This means the domain has expired and needs to be renewed.  Log in to your account and you should see an option to "Update Your Billing Info" to renew the domain.  If you don't see this option then let us know.  Note that it can take a few hours for an expired domain to come back online after it's renewed.
Not seeing either of those and instead see something like the image above? This means that the domain name you are using as your site address isn’t registered. If you purchased a plan that comes with a one year domain name registration for free, you’ll need to go to the Domains tab and register the domain. You’ll see the one year credit applied automatically during registration.

Domain Purchased through another Registrar

If you're using a domain purchased through another registrar, then there are several reasons the site may not appear to be available.  Let's go through them. 

Do you see a page that looks something like this or that references your current domain registrar (the example below is from GoDaddy)?
If so, that means your domain has not been properly pointed to Weebly.  You need to follow the instructions on our Domain Setup page to point it here.  There is nothing we can do on our end to fix it. 

What if you see a Weebly page like this one?

This usually means the domain has been pointed here properly and you now just need to assign the domain to your site and Publish it.  Use these instructions to do so.  

If you know with absolute certainty that you have assigned the domain to your site, there are no typos and the domain has been Published, then seeing this page means one of two things:

The unpublished page is saved in your cache.  Try reloading the browser a few times by clicking the reload button at the top of the browser window.  


The domain is being forwarded to our IP Addresses (which is incorrect) instead of pointed to our IP Addresses (which is correct).  There isn't much difference between these two options semantically, but there is a huge difference in terms of how the domain functions.  Please follow our Domain Setup instructions to fix the issue.  There is unfortunately nothing we can do to fix it. 
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