Invite Other People to Help Edit a Site

If you’re working on a site with multiple people, a client, or just feel lonely building a site by yourself, you can invite any number of other people to help out.

Under the Settings tab you'll find a section called Editors. Here you can add people by their email addresses and they will receive an invite from you.

Click the Add Editors button to get started. 

Enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to invite. If there's more than one person, separate the addresses by a comma. You can invite more people later, so don't feel pressured to invite everyone in this one go.  

If you have a Pro or Business plan, then you can assign Roles to invitees.

Otherwise, your default role for invitees is Admin, which means they will have access to view and edit everything for this particular site - edit all pages, view all stats, form entries and blog comments, (but obviously they won’t access to any other sites you own unless you invite them to edit those too).

If you are a Pro or Business member, then you can also assign a role of Author or Dashboard Only.

An Author can be limited so that they can only edit specific pages. You can allow them to edit all pages, just one of the pages or any number of pages in-between. Just check the box next to each page you'd like to allow them to edit.

You can also disable their ability to Publish the site themselves so that you can look things over before their changes are Published.

Dashboard-Only invitees cannot edit the site, but can instead only view the stats, form entries and blog posts associated with it.  You can even disable their access to any of this information.   


Enter a message of some kind to be included in the email invitation (should you feel like doing so), and then click Save Editor.

Your invitees will receive an email that includes a link that they'll need to click in order to access your site.  

Once they click that link, they'll see your site as part of a separate list from their own sites (even if they don't have any of their own sites) within their account with us.

They'll then be able to access or edit the site based on the Role you've assigned them.

All the people you invite are placed on a list under the same Editors section found under Settings. You can change their Role or completely remove their access at any time via this list.

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