Can I Use a Domain I Purchased Somewhere Else?

If you would like to use non Weebly-purchased domain for your Weebly site, you’re more than welcome to do so (as long as you are a paid subscriber with a Starter, Pro or Business Plan). You simply need to alter a few records with your domain host.

Connecting an outside domain to your site requires that you change the domain's DNS records to point them to one of our IP Addresses.  That looks something like this:
Look confusing? If so, we strongly recommend that you ask your domain registrar / host to point the domain here for you. The changes we're requesting are the sort of thing your domain host likely deals with hundreds of times every day, so they'll be able to make the changes with ease. We’ve even written an email you can send them: 

I made a website using Weebly and need to point my domain to their servers.  Can you set this up or walk me through the process of making these changes?  I need to change my A-Records for both "www" and my root domain. That's one record for pointing to And one record for also pointing to 
If you need more info on these changes, please see:

Note that I want to keep using you as my domain registrar.  I am not requesting a transfer and do not have new name servers to provide you. 


Once your host makes the changes, it can take up to 48 hours for their servers to fully update (though it rarely takes more than an hour or two). The domain will not start working until their updates are complete. 
If you feel comfortable making these changes yourself, feel free to continue on. 

Our IP Addresses are,,, and; you can use whichever of these you feel like using. They all function the same way and they all work properly. If you find this confusing, just use the IP. It ultimately doesn't matter. 
When you point a domain here to use with your site, you're working with three pieces of information:

  • The Hostname (i.e. the www and * records)
  • The Address the Hostname Points To (i.e. our IP Address, which is one of several you're welcome to use)
  • The Record Type (i.e. the type of record is an "A" Record.  There are other types you can select, but you always want to use A Record. 

This is all fairly straight forward.  Where it becomes complicated is that each of the dozens and dozens of registrars have their own interface and their own way of labeling things. Regardless, you'll need to find the area of your registrar's account that allows your to either Manage DNS or Edit Zone Files. 
Can't find it?  Please email your registrar using the example email noted above.  We won't be able to help you find it as we have no access to your domain host. 

Found it?  Great, continue! You should see an interface like this one: 
All you need to (or should) change is the area that includes A Records. This section also often includes what are called CNAME records, so keep an eye out for those if you can't find the A Records.  
Just make sure that each of the "www" and "*" records is an A-Record and pointed to,,,, or  

Keep in mind that that your registrar may may not have two settings for www and *.  They may write these instead as and  If they do so, just enter and in the Hostname fields (replacing "yourdomain" with your actual domain name). 

Once you've made the changes, make sure to assign the domain to your site in our editor.  

Keep in mind that it can take your registrar up to 48 hours to update their servers with a change like this one.  It usually doesn't take more than a few hours, but this is something to keep in mind.  Nothing is happening on our end when you point a domain here (it's either pointed here correctly and it works, or it is pointed here incorrectly and it doesn't), so we can't speed the process up. 

Also, it never hurts to ask for your registrar's help.  The change we're asking for is the kind of request they get from other web hosts all day long.  So they should be able to make these changes for you with their eyes closed.  
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