How Do I Remove or Change the Weebly Footer?

Every site built with Weebly includes a footer by default that links back to Weebly.  How can you remove this footer? To find out, watch the short How'd They Do That video below and/or read the short guide that follows it.

The first step is to upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions. The ability to edit the footer is included with Starter, Pro, or Business service. 

After you upgrade, the Footer section of your site becomes completely editable. Just scroll down to the Footer and click on it.
Once you've done this you'll be prompted to Choose a Layout. 
Choose a layout that is exactly what you want, or almost like what you want, or even nothing like you want. It will show you a preview which you can Cancel or Keep.
Now you can edit the footer as you'd like: edit or remove any of the elements from the layout you don't want to keep, and add any other elements you'd like to have.
Forms, Links, Social Icons, Pictures and many other elements can be dragged and dropped into place just like in the content area of the site. 
When you're done, just click Save Footer.

Whatever you add to the Footer will appear at the bottom of every page of your site. You're welcome to leave it blank or add the kind of content shown in the example above. 
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