Create Widgets, Embed Code and Add External Content

You can add outside content (like embeddable video, audio, advertisements and forms) to your site using our Embed Code element. 

Then get the embed code for whatever you're looking to add to the site.  This can usually be accessed via an embed or share button found on or near the content you're looking to share.  

Here we see an example of embeddable code connected to a video that is hosted on  

Once you have the embed code, click inside the Embed Code element and select Edit Custom HTML. Then paste the code in place. 

When you click off of the element, your content should show up there.  All done!  
Note that there are a few situations where the content you've embedded won't show up on your site until you Publish the changes. So if you don't see your video, form or what have you in the editor, try Publishing to see if it shows on the live site.
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