Create Aliases of an Email Address

Every G Suite email address you create includes up to 30 aliases. What’s an alias?

Much like its name suggests, an email alias allows you to receive and send mail from up to 30 different usernames from the same inbox.

Let’s say you create an email address like this one:

You can also create aliases of this address like,, and

How is an alias different from a normal email address?

It differs in that all the messages sent to an alias are simply forwarded to the primary email address. In the example above, mail sent to or would be forwarded to the inbox for This makes aliases convenient for a single person who wants multiple addresses, but it's not helpful if you need email addresses for different people since the aliases all use the same inbox. To create an entirely new email address with its own inbox, you'd want to purchase another user (which would also have its own 30 alias options). Check our guide to that here.

Start by going to the G Suite tab from your Dashboard. Then find the email address you want to add aliases for, and click Add Alias:



Select Add Alias, and enter your new alias in the provided box. 

If you want more than one (remember, you can have up to 30 per email account), then just keep right on clicking the Add Alias button, then Save when you’re done.




Your total number of aliases can always be seen from the email page in your account, and you can click the number to view those aliases and add more.




The aliases should start working immediately, but give it up to an hour for Google to update their servers. Any message sent to an alias will show up in the email account inbox to which the alias is connected.  

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