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Export Your Store Order History to CSV (Excel / Numbers) or Quickbooks

Richard H.

Exporting your order history to Quickbooks or Excel makes it much easier to track the growing success of your store (yay!) and do things like pay your taxes (boo... though taxes do pay for the basic infrastructure of society, so maybe half-boo, half-yay?). 

To Export Order data, go to the Orders area of the Store tab and click the big Export Orders button.


You have three choices as to what information you’d like to download:

All of your orders: As this phrase so strongly implies, this will export the history for every single order you’ve ever received. 


Orders since the last time you exported: This will download all the data that's been collected since the last time you ran an export. If you've never exported any data previously, it'll export everything. 


Download orders from a date range that you select: From any day of any month of any year, to any day of any month of any year, though we do not include the option to download orders that have not yet occurred as the future is unstable and difficult to predict.


You can download your order data to a basic CSV spreadsheet that can be used with a program like Excel. Or download it in the Quickbooks ready .IIF format (though you must have a subscription to our Business package to use the Quickbooks option).


Whichever option you select, we’ll send you an email with a link to download the file as soon as it’s ready. Give it up to ten minutes and if you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder as it’ll likely be hanging out there.

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