Customize Store Emails

Weebly offers a number of automated emails that are sent to your customers after they make a purchase through your store. These emails are:

  • Order Confirmation - Sent when a customer completes an order as a record of the transaction. If the order includes digital items, a link to the download is included.
  • Items Shipped - Sent when you mark an order item(s) as shipped via the Orders section of your store dashboard.
  • Items Refunded - Sent when you refund order items via the Orders section of your dashboard.
  • Items Cancelled -Sent when you cancel order items via the Orders section of your dashboard.  

You can personalize these emails by going to STORE > Store Emails


In order to fully customize your emails, including changing colors, fonts, and adding additional elements, you need to create a sender profile. Once the profile is verified, you can leverage the email drag and drop editor (a lighter version of the Weebly editor) to fully customize your emails to suit your store.

Create Your Sender Profile

Your sender profile includes an email address that your store emails will be sent from and a physical address that appears at the bottom of your emails. Once you create your profile, your email goes through a verification process to ensure that everything is correct. You can set up different profiles for your different sites (all profiles you create are displayed for all your sites).

Note: Setting up a sender profile is not mandatory. If you don't set one up, automated emails still work, but you will not be able to fully customize them. You'll be limited to editing the header or footer content.

To create the sender profile, go to STORE > Store Emails and in the Sender Profile box, click Add Profile and enter your information.

You can enter an alternate reply-to email. This address is where any replies to your emails are sent. If left blank, replies are sent to the sender email.

Scroll down to view how your address will be displayed in the footer.

Click View More Sender Information to add more contact info. You can add a phone#, a website URL, and business info such as a registration or Tax ID #. 

The additional info is added to the footer.

Click Save if you've added or changed anything. Click Delete to delete this profile.

An email is sent to sender email address for verification. Once that email is verified (the recipient clicks the button in the email), then the profile is active and will be used. 

Your contact info now displays as the sender profile. You can edit this at any time by clicking Edit Profile.

Note: You cannot change the sender email for an existing profile. If you want to use a different email address, you need to create a new profile with the new sender email address and then delete the existing one.

You can add another if you want to use a different email address down the road.

Note: If you notice that your FROM address in your emails doesn't match your sender profile, it's because your email service provider implements DMARC. We change the address so that your email is sent, received, and not considered spam. There are some things you can do about this. More here.

Customize the Email Theme

Themes provide different high-level layout and design options for your store emails. By default, your emails use this theme:

To change the theme, click Edit Email Theme and click the theme you'd like to use. When you choose an email theme, you are choosing it for all of your store emails.

You'll be able customize other aspects of the emails such as the fonts and colors in the next step. Click Continue.

Use the Edit dialog to change fonts (font type, style, size). You can change the fonts for the title, subtitle, text, and logo. You can also change the colors for those items as well as for buttons and the title and email background. This email theme has been edited to add color to the background and header, and use bold for titles:

When you're done editing, click Apply Theme. You can come back and edit anytime.

Note: Customizations that you make here are specific to the theme. If you change themes at a later date, all your changes (including changes to content - described below) will be lost.

Edit Email Content

Weebly provides a lightweight editor that you can use to add content to your emails, in the same way that you build your website.

While there's much that you can customize in your emails, there's certain content that must remain. This content is dynamically generated for each email that is sent out, and is specific to each order. While you can't change or delete this content, you can rearrange it to create a unique email for your store.

Information you cannot change includes:

  • Personal information
  • Download information
  • Billing information
  • Shipping
  • Information
  • Order Summary
  • Calculated totals

In the Email Previews area, click the ellipses for the email you want to edit and choose Edit Email.

The email opens up in a simplified editor where you can edit your email in the same way you edit your site!

Click Save and Close when you're done. 

Send Test Emails

You can send test emails to yourself to see how your changes will appear to your customers. To send a test email, in the Email Previews area, click the ellipses for the email you want to edit and choose Send Test Email.

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