Regain Access to a G Suite Admin Account

If you ever forget the password for your G Suite admin account, there's a recovery process you can use through Google.

Click the link below to start the first step of verification.

Enter a valid email address that you have access to. Google will be sending the password reset instructions to this email address, so don't enter your G Suite email here. Instead, you should use a,, or any other email address that you can receive mail at. Again, Google will be using this email address to contact you and help you fix the problem so double check you've typed everything correctly before clicking on the continue button.


You should now see a page like the one below, with a long string of text in bold. Copy that bold text - you'll need it in the next step. What you're going to be doing is adding a special type of record to your domain name, which Google will use to verify that you're the domain owner. 



This article will show you how to create the CNAME record with a Weebly registered domain name from the Domains tab in your account, but if you bought your domain name somewhere else, you'll need to ask your domain registrar for help with the setup.

To set this up within Weebly, leave the Google verification page open in your browser and log in to Weebly in a separate window. Go to the Domains page in your account and then click the ". . ." icon next to your domain.

Click Edit next to the DNS Records.


Click Add Record, select CNAME for the type, then paste that string of text you copied from the Google verification page into the Host field (it'll probably look something like this: googlebf5cfc7dc164a729). In the Points To field, enter and then click Save.



That's it for the CNAME record, so now you'll need to go back to the Google verification page and click the "I've completed the steps above, continue" button.


Google will send an email to the address you entered in the first step with further instructions.

It can take 24 - 48 hours for Google to send the email, but once you do receive it you'll be able to access your G Suite admin account right away.

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