I'm Not Receiving My Contact Form Submissions! Why Not?

When a contact form is submitted, the information entered in that form is emailed to the address assigned to the form. But what should you do if you're not receiving the form emails? 

First, check your Spam or Junk Mail folders in case the messages are being routed there.  If you see the messages in your spam folder, mark them as "Not Spam" using whatever option your email provider gives you.  This will help prevent form entries from landing in the spam folder again.

If you don't see them there, make sure you have the correct address assigned to your form. To do so, click on your form element, then the Form Options button.
Check the address shown on the "Email to" field to make sure its entered correctly. If not, correct the text, save and republish your site.
You can also have the form sent to multiple addresses by separating each address with a comma. This is helpful to see if the email is delivered to one address and not the other. 
Delivering form emails can be tricky and there are some situations where the emails may be completely blocked. If you cannot find the messages in your Inbox or your Spam folders and you believe the messages really aren't coming through, the best bet is to switch to another address completely (preferably at a provider like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail).  

We also give you the option to view and manage form messages directly in your account from your Site Dashboard. You'll see a box there that displays any messages sent to your forms, and you can click on the form for details and to manage the messages.
This will bring up all the messages that have been sent to you through any of the forms on this site.  You can even export all these messages to a spreadsheet using the Export All link. 
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