How Many Sites Can I Have? And How Do I Delete One?

Add a Site

You can build up to 10 websites in your account. This article will show you how to add, copy, and delete a website.

Add a Site

To create a new site click the arrow button next to your site title on the dashboard, and then click Add Site in the menu that opens. You can also use this menu to switch to a different website if you have more than one. Sites that you own are listed first, followed by any sites you contribute to.

Delete or Copy a Site

If you want to delete a website or make a copy, select the site from the same drop-down list to display it in your dashboard.

Delete or Copy a SiteNext, click the menu button across from the site title and select either Copy Site or Delete Site.

Be careful when deleting a site, because once it's deleted you won't be able to undo it on your own. If you do accidentally delete a website, submit a ticket to our support team and they can help you get it restored.

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