Sharing Scheduled Blog Posts to Facebook and Twitter

Let’s not kid ourselves, your blog posts are awesome. But there’s only so much you can do. You write the thing, you publish it, but other than having your grandma tell all the folks down at Butchie’s Saloon about your blog, how else are you gonna promote it?

Well, there's an sharing option for both social networks built right in to every post. 

Create a New Post, then select Post Options.

Under Publish, select Scheduled Time, then you can schedule the time you would like the post to go live, and select Edit Share Settings.

Now you can turn on Twitter or Facebook sharing (or both).

If it is your first time connecting to Twitter, you'll be prompted to authorize Weebly. Click Authorize app.

And the same is true for Facebook. To connect with Facebook for the first time, you'll see this:

Your first option is to choose where you'd like to share. Should your posts go to your personal Facebook account so all your friends can see? Or would you like to share them to a Business or Fan Page you've created?

If you choose your personal profile, you'll log in to Facebook, connect, then you're all done. But if you select "My Organization Page" it will connect to your organization page, or if you have more than one, you'll choose from a list of every Fan Page you manage on Facebook. You need to select the one to which you'd like to share your posts.

After you've authorized both, and entered a message to accompany the post if you want, hit Save.

Now click Schedule to schedule this post to go live at the day/time you've already set, and it will share to Twitter and/or Facebook when it posts.

Set these share settings individually for each post you write.


Reader Share Buttons

Are you looking for a way to let the people reading your blog to share it with their Friends and Followers? We also provide handy dandy Facebook and Twitter buttons at the end of every blog post to do just this:


You can also Customize this if you only want one of these options to appear - maybe you’re still mad at Twitter for eating all the tater tots at your wedding, or you just fell out of touch with Facebook. Whatever the reason, use the Customize option to pick what you want displayed on your posts.

Then just check the appropriate box:


Now your readers will be able to quickly share your posts with their followers on both social networks. 


Disconnect Twitter or Facebook

You can remove access to either of these. Disconnect Twitter by going to your Twitter Settings > Apps > and click Revoke Access next to Weebly.

Disconnect Facebook either by going to your Weebly Settings within the Editor then scroll down to Facebook Sharing and click Disconnect. Or go to your Facebook Settings > Apps, then find Weebly and click the X to remove.



Note: you can also set up Facebook sharing by going to the Settings tab, then scroll down to Facebook Sharing and click the Setup Facebook Share button.

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