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As of May 2015, Google is updating their mobile search algorithm -- the system that determines how sites are ranked when someone searches Google from a mobile device like an iPhone -- to reward higher rankings to sites that are mobile friendly. This change is legitimately great, since it boosts sites that provide a nice mobile experience.

But what does it mean for you as a Weebly customer?

The good news is that all sites built using our service are mobile ready without you needing to do much of anything. All of our current themes are what are known as Responsive. This means that the theme itself is designed to automatically adapt to the size of the screen and device it's being viewed on. Responsive themes like these are exactly what Google wants to see from a mobile site.

If you’ve decided to keep an older theme that isn’t responsive, it is still ready for Google, since we display a different, mobile version of those themes when a visitor views them from a phone. This is not necessarily as modern as a Responsive theme, but in the eyes of Google it is just as good as far as search engine rank is concerned.

You can verify that your Weebly site is mobile ready by using this simple tool from Google:


But what if you fail Google's mobile test?

This most likely means you're using an older, non-responsive theme and you have the mobile version of that theme turned off.


How can you fix this?

There are two approaches to take to fix this issue:

Turn the Mobile version back on and Publish your site again. This Mobile setting is a check box that you'll find under the Settings tab when editing your site.

Switch your site to one of our newer, Responsive themes. Go to the Change Themes section of the Theme tab choose a theme from one of our 24 themes and Publish your site.

What if you don't want to do either of these things? What if you prefer to use an older theme and leave the mobile version of that theme off?

Then Google will not consider your site to be mobile friendly. But this is not necessarily going to be that terrible of a thing. Google considers dozens upon dozens of variables when determining how to rank your site in a given search. Whether or not your site is "mobile friendly" is just one of those variables. There's a perfectly good chance your ranking won't change at all if you leave things as they are.

Still, we recommend ensuring your site is ready for Google's changes either by using one of our Responsive themes or by ensuring the Mobile version of your older theme is turned on under Settings.

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