How Does SimpleChat Work?

Simple.Chat is a new Weebly feature (currently available to anyone in the US and Canada) that enables you to chat with your customers and visitors. It installs a little chat button in the lower right hand corner of the site, which visitors can then use to contact you.

Here's what makes SimpleChat different: you don’t need an app to interact with your visitors. Instead, the App sends chats as SMS messages to your cell phone. You then reply to these messages in the same way you’d reply to any other text message.

From your visitor's perspective, they're getting their questions answered right on your website. But you could be on the phone at the grocery store or out on a job or climbing Mount Everest (great cell reception there).

But how does it work? Find out by watching the short intro video below and/or reading the guide that follows it.


Start by visiting Then click the Try It Free button to begin your 14 day free trial.

If you’re already logged in to Weebly you’ll be taken straight to your account. If you aren’t, then you’ll be prompted to log in. Either way, you’ll be asked to choose which of your sites (should you have more than one) you’d like to use with SimpleChat.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your payment information. SimpleChat is $8/month, billed annually ($96/year), but you’ll only be charged for it if you leave your subscription active past the end of the 14 day trial.

Once you're set up, you'll be dropped into the editor where you'll see a new Simple Chat box in the lower right hand corner of your site. This box controls your chat settings and also represents where the chat box will appear on every page of your live site.

Expand this box to enter your settings. You control some basics like the color of the chat header, the chat title that your visitors see, as well as the phone numbers of anyone (whether it's just you or a group of employees) you'd like to make available to chat with your visitors.

When a phone number is added, we text a 5 digit verification code to that number to ensure your chats are going to the right place. Enter the code and you're good. If you don't receive the code, double-check your phone number and click resend.

After verification, you'll receive a text message from an administrative phone number. Take note that you can text this phone number "enable" to make yourself available for chats and "disable" to make yourself unavailable. Other than the switch found next to your phone number in settings, this is the primary way to determine whether or not visitors can initiate a chat with you.

Now all you need to do is Publish your site and visitors can start chatting away(so long as you're Enabled or Available).

When someone does initiate a chat with you, they'll see this:


And you'll see this:


And that's it! When you're ready to end the conversation just text "/end" and it'll end. Simple!

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