Create and Manage Classes

All the students you mange in your account are organized into classes. You can create as many or as few classes as you need.


To create your first class, go to the My Students tab:


Then enter the class name and grade, and select whether you want student sites to be private or public. Public sites can be visited simply be entering the address of the student's site in a browser, private sites can be viewed only after entering a password that you set for the class via the Class Password field.

Click Create Class when you're done. These settings can always be changed later.

When you're done, you'll be ready to add students to the class. If you need to add another class, use the Add a Class button.


Use the My Classes drop-down menu to switch between classes.


Manage Classes

You can always alter the settings for any class you've created. To do so, just click the Class Settings button from your My Students tab.


You can also delete an entire class from here if needed.  Note that doing so will delete all the students in that class as well.


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