Add and Manage Students

Every Weebly for Education account allows you to manage 40 students by default (you can always purchase room for more students if needed).  

To add a student account to your own, select the class to which you want to add the student, and then click the Add a Student button.


To add one student at a time, just enter her first and last name, and assign a username and password to the account. Then click Add and repeat.


You can also use the Add Multiple Students link (see screenshot above) to enter multiple students by hand, or upload a CSV file of students to the class.


The CSV must include columns for First Name, Last Name, and Password (in that order). The system will automatically generate a unique username for each student based on their first and last name, so it's not necessary to enter a username.



As students are added to a class, they'll appear in a list. Students can log into their accounts and build site via


Manage Students

To manage the settings for a specific student, just click the student's username.

Then click the Change button.


From here you can change the Username, Password and name of the student connected to this account. You can also assign the student to any other class in your account. Save after you've made your changes.


If you need to delete a student, check the box next to the student's username (from the main student list for the class) and then hit the Delete Selected button.  


If you hit your student limit (40) and need room for more students, use the Enable More option.  

This will give you the option to add space for students in blocks of 10 for $10.  

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