Adding Products and Managing Orders in the iOS App


Managing your Store and Products on the go is a breeze with the Weebly app. Tap the Store icon at the bottom to get started.


The Store section is broken down into four parts: Orders, Products, Coupons, and Settings. The Orders card displays your most recent orders. Tap it to open a list of all orders you’ve received.


You can search your orders or use the Filter link to view orders of a certain status. For example, you might filter by Pending to see only those orders that still need to be marked as shipped. Tap Apply to view orders matching the selected criteria.


Tap on any order to see the detailed view. From this page you can also change an order’s status or cancel and refund items using the Actions link.


Tapping on the Products card will display all of your existing products. Use the search field to quickly locate a specific product, and tap on it to make changes or delete it permanently.


You can create new products by tapping the + icon on the main products screen. Tap any section to add information, images, and choose options for your product.  When you’re finished, tap Done to save the new product to your Store.

NOTE: eCommerce features are available with our paid subscriptions. Check out pricing and compare features at our pricing page.


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