Adding Products and Managing Orders

Managing your Store and Products on the go is a breeze with the Weebly app. Tap the Store icon at the bottom of Site Home to get started.




What if you don’t have a store yet? Not a problem - you’ll be asked if you want to create one when you visit this screen in the app. If you already have a store, you’ll see something similar to the image above.




If you’ve received orders, tap on All Orders to view and sort them by status using the Filter button. Tap on any order to view the details or change the current status.




Tapping on Products will display all of your current products. Tap on a product to edit and make changes or delete it permanently.



You can also create new products from the Store screen by tapping the + icon. Enter the details and information for your product and tap Done when you’re finished. The product will be saved to your Store and you can add it to your pages using the Products element in the Build menu.

NOTE: eCommerce features are available with our paid subscriptions. Check out pricing and compare features at our pricing page.


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