Site Home


Site Home is the first screen you see when logging into the Weebly app. Much like the Dashboard that greets you when logging into your account from a computer, this screen provides quick access to your sites and useful information about them. The currently selected site name and header image is displayed at the top, and you can choose a different site (or create a new one) by tapping on Sites in the upper left corner. Let’s take a brief look at each section and what you can do with it.







While you can see basic weekly numbers at a glance from the main screen, tapping on the Stats menu will give you a more in-depth view. Here you can swipe left to see additional information, switch between unique visitors and pageviews, choose a different period of time to view, or tap on the Store button to look at order data if you have an active store.


Blog Comments





If your site has a blog page accepting comments (unless you’ve chosen to use Facebook or Disqus to manage them), recent comments on your posts will appear on the main screen. Tap the blog menu to view more comments and reply to, delete, or manage them. You can also create a new blog post from this screen using the + icon at the upper right.






The main screen will also display recent entries if you’ve added a contact or newsletter sign up form to your site. Tap on the name of any form to view all of the entries and reply to or delete them.






If you have a store on your site, you can view all of your orders and products quickly and easily from here.

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