Manage Your Weebly Services and Billing

To view and manage your services and payment methods, click on the Account link under your name on the Home screen.

The Account page houses all of your billing and service information, as well as personal details like your name and email, which you can change using the Edit Profile link on the left.


The first thing you’ll see is the Payment Methods tab. If you don’t have any payment methods on file, it’ll look like the image above. You can add one by clicking on My Services and then choosing a service to add a payment method to. What if you don’t have any services yet but want to add a card? Go ahead and upgrade first - you’ll add a payment method during the short upgrade process.


Already have a card on file and need to remove it? Just click on the delete icon to the right and confirm that you understand that removing the card could cause service interruptions.


If you just want to change which card is associated with a service, you can do that using the Change link next to the payment method for that service.


All upgrades and services are set to auto-renew by default. You can turn this off using the Cancel link for that service. If you want to turn auto-renew back on so your service doesn’t inadvertently expire, you can do that with the Activate link.  You can also renew or add time to any of your services using the Extend link next to the expiration date. 


If you happen to see a service that’s not connected to any website, that’s because the site it was associated with was deleted without reassigning the service. If that happens, you can choose a new site for the service using the Assign to Site link.

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