Hide, Restrict Access, and Un-Publish Your Site


The default visibility for your website is public, meaning people can search for and view all pages and content on the site. You can limit access to your entire website or specific pages in a few different ways.

Password Protect

If your site is upgraded to Pro or better, you can lock pages or your whole site with a password.

Under the Settings tab > General > Site Password, you can enter the password you'd like to use to protect your pages, then click Save.


Entering a site password here will automatically lock all the pages on your site. If you only want to password protect certain pages,  you can go to the Pages tab and selectively enable or disable the password protection using the visibility menu. If you want to turn off password protection for all pages at once, delete the password from the Settings, then save and re-publish your website.


Limit Access

If you're a Pro or Business customer, you have all our Membership features available to you, including restricting access to individual pages, based on specific members and groups.

Read more on how to:


Hide from Search Engines

If you'd like to hide your site from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can do so under the Settings tab > SEO, then scroll down below the Header field and select Hide site from search engines. Click Save and Publish your site.


If you want to hide individual pages from search, click the Pages tab, select the page you want to hide, then SEO Settings, and check the box Hide this page from search engines.



Hide from Your Site's Navigation

If you want a page to be public, but not appear in your navigation menu, click the Pages tab, the individual page, then check the Hide in Navigation box.




If you'd like to completely un-publish your site, so no one can access it,  

Under Settings, then General, at the bottom of the page we show you the last time you published, as well as giving you the option to Un-Publish your site. When you decide you’re ready for people to view your site again, just click Publish. It’s that simple.



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