What is the Sender Information Field?

Your email’s Sender Information indicates who the email is coming from, i.e. you or your company. As simple as this sounds (and is) it’s still important to give it some thought. It is also a legal requirement to have this information at the bottom of each email sent via Promote.


Once you have finished designing your email, you will be asked to select a Sender Profile, or create one.

To ensure your email is potentially opened, and also not marked as spam, it’s enormously important that your recipients recognize who the email is from. Ask yourself this question: how do the people in the group know me or my business?

Is this a list of friends who simply know you by your name? The Sender Information absolutely should be your name, even if the email is about a business that doesn’t in any way include your name. Nothing feels worse than a good friend marking an email as spam because they didn’t realize the company name in the Sender Information is the name of a new business you’re announcing.  

Is this a list of subscribers and customers who shopped with you? The Sender Information must be the name of your company. If you use your own name in an attempt to sound more personal, recipients will think “who the heck is this jerk?” then delete the email or potentially even mark it as spam. That’d be awful, seeing as they love your business, they just don’t love it quite enough to know or remember that you’re a specific person who runs it or is involved in it.

What if you have a list that’s a mix of people who know you by different names? The best way to ensure success is to split that list up so you can use a different Sender Information for each group. While this does involve a little extra work in that you need to upload different lists to your account, it’ll ensure a better response to your messaging than you’d otherwise see.

Please note that the required information varies based on your country. We recommend checking with your local laws before sending out your first email campaign. To add more information to the Sender Information field, just click the View More Sender Information link. 

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