Add an Image or Gallery to Your Email

You can add images to your emails as easily as you can on your website! To get started, just drag the Image element onto your email draft.


When you click on the element you should see this:


You can either drag an image into that box or click the button to search and upload an image from your computer. You can also select images of your products from your store (if you have one), or search for free photos and animations using the corresponding tabs.


Adding a gallery is just as simple - just drag the gallery element to your email and click on it to bring up the options. Click the Images button to add images from your computer, store or through free image search.


You can also add background images to different sections in your email. Click the gear icon to the left of an existing section, or drag over a Section element to start from scratch. Click Edit Background to choose a color or upload an image, and click Move to change the position of the section within the email.

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