How to Upload a Mailing List

You can’t send an email out if you don’t have anyone to send it to, so uploading a mailing list is one of the first steps to take when you get started.

Adding a list of contacts is very straightforward. When you go to the Contacts section and click Add Contacts, you’ll see a dialog box that provides three options:

Add Individual, to simply follow the steps to add a single person.

Copy & Paste Email Addresses, just follow all of the steps to add a small group of people.

Import From a File, to add a list of any size from one address to the population of a good sized European nation.

Let's walk through the steps to Import a File, since this is the main way to add a list that includes more than a few people.

Selecting this option prompts you to choose a CSV file to upload from your computer.


A new CSV file can either be added to an already existing Group of contacts or be used as the basis of a new Group. If these are your first addresses, then you’ll be creating a new Group.
If you already have existing email groups, feel free to add these new contacts to one of them. Just use the drop-down menu to select the correct group.
After you agree to the Terms & Conditions, the import will start.
Once the list has finished importing, you are all done!

If you have more questions on building your mailing list, please take a look at our List Building Guide
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