Understanding Your Click Rate

An email’s click rate shows the percentage of subscribers who clicked a link in a given message. These are usually the same people who go on to make a purchase or take action on your site.

What is a good click through rate? Around 2 to 4 percent.

This number may sound low. It isn’t. The action rate on email is much higher than it is for any other form of marketing. The notion that around 3% of all people who receive a marketing message from you are going to take a larger interest in it is incredible if you consider the comparably low rates to be found in other kinds of marketing like TV, radio, internet ads, direct mail, and the like.

If you’re seeing a higher percentage than this, well done!

If you’re seeing a lower rate? Here are some things to consider:

Is your open rate also lower than expected?
Take a look at this help article that discusses open rate. Is your open rate lower than the 15 to 25 percent benchmark we detail there? If so, then it’s only natural that your click rate will also be lower. So the first step to improving your click rate is taking steps to improve your open rate.

Did you include several links?
Make it easier for readers to click a link by giving them several options to do so. Include a link near the beginning of the message, towards the middle, and at the end.

Is at least one of your links very easy to spot?
Nothing says “click right here!” like a big button, which is where our button element comes in handy. Represent whatever link you’d like a visitor to click / action you’d most like them to take with a button in the middle or near the end of the message.

Do your links tell readers what they’ll see if they click them?
Don’t write “click here” as the text for a link. Instead, be at least a little descriptive.

“Read more about our fundraising drive.”

“Go here to save 20% on your next purchase.”

“See the new coats we have in stock.”  

Is the goal of your email clear?
By the time they’ve read the subject line and the first few sentences of your emails, subscribers should know exactly what the email is about and what you hope to have them do with it. Take a look at our articles on subject lines and content to learn how you might approach doing this.

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