Understanding Your Bounce Rate

An email’s bounce rate shows the percentage of email addresses that we were not able to deliver your email to. Before we go on, please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions regarding mailing lists.

The average bounce rate is under 2 percent.

If you're seeing bounce rates lower than this, you've got a pretty awesomely maintained list!

On the flip side, if your bounce rates are consistently above 2%, there are some things that may need to be addressed:

How old is your list?
If you have an old, unused list, you are guaranteed to have a higher than normal bounce rate when first mailing to it. This is due to the fact that people do change email addresses as frequently as they change jobs. If you've got an old, unused list, we highly recommend that you split this up into several Groups (check out our List Building Guide here) and then send mail to these smaller Groups over a few days.

How frequently have you been mailing to this list?
I know, people don't love getting tons of email, but if you're only sending your customers an email once in a blue moon, you'll have a higher bounce rate (and likely a higher unsubscribe rate).

Please note, Weebly cannot be used as a list cleaning service.

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