Target Specific Website Visitors With Segments

Using Promote’s Segments feature (available on the Grow and Accelerate plans), you can tailor your marketing efforts to reach exactly the right crowd. Segments can be used to target customers who’ve purchased items from your Store, people who have Membership access to your site, or people who filled out a contact form on your site.


In this guide, we’ll use store customers as an example to show how you can send a discount coupon to a select group of people.

Click on the Groups link on the dashboard. From there, click on Segments.


Click on Create Segment, and then select an action on the next screen.


In this example, we want to reach customers who have purchased an item within the past 24 hours, so we’ll select Store Purchase.


Set the parameters for timeframe and item, and then enter a name for this segment and click Create.


Back at the Groups page, you’ll see your new Segment has been added. Click the . . . icon to the far right to rename or delete the segment.


You can view insights for this segment by clicking on the name. Keep in mind that some newly created segments may not have any recipients yet. That’s because a segment is a dynamic contact list that will change over time according to the parameters you chose during set up. Based on the settings in this example, there won’t be any contacts in the segment until someone makes a purchase.

Now you’ll want to put together the email that will be sent to these customers, so click on the Compose button at the upper right to get started. If you’re not sure how to create an email in Promote, check out our help guides here.

When you’ve composed your email and entered the required subject line and sender info, it’s time to add your recipients.


Select Send to Segment and then click your segment to add it to the recipients list. You’ll notice you won’t be able to add any more recipients once you’ve chosen a Segment; that’s because the segment is dynamic and filters contacts based on the settings you chose when you made the group. If you decide you want to send this email to other contacts instead, you’ll need to remove the Segment from the Recipients field first.
When you’re finished, click Continue.


We’re almost done - just review your email to make sure it looks how you want it to before moving on.

When you’re ready, you can choose to send the email now, schedule it to be sent at a later date, or send a test email to see how it looks first.

Note: If your segment has no contacts yet, you won’t be able to send your email until you have at least one contact. You can save your email as a draft and send it once you’ve gotten some contacts matching your segment criteria.

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