Adding Store Products and Categories to Your Emails

Promote’s Product element allows you to quickly add products and categories to your email in just a few simple steps. Instead of manually recreating product information, you can connect directly to a product or category and the associated images and information will automatically be added.

You’ll find the Product element in the Basic section on the Build tab. Drag the element onto your email and click on the default layout to get started.

Click on the Add Product button to connect to a product or category - you can add multiple products and categories in any combination to a single Product element.

If you change your mind, you can add more items, re-arrange their order, or remove items. To re-arrange or remove items, click on Reorder and drag an item to change its position or delete it using the minus button to the left.

Once you’ve added your items and arranged them to your liking, click the X in the upper left to exit the Manage window. Click again on the element to bring up the customization options.

From here, you can choose a different layout for the element. You can also toggle the display for price, sale price, short description and button as well as adjust the spacing.

What if you’re not using Weebly’s Store feature, or you’re also selling products on another website? Not a problem - you can use the External Product option to manually add any product no matter where you’re selling it from!

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