Converting from NHD to Weebly

Now that the NHD competition is over, it's necessary to convert your site to a regular Weebly account if you want to keep it. Otherwise it'll be automatically deleted with all other NHD sites in September. 

How do you convert it? Log in to your NHD account and click the convert link. 

This will open up a dialog box. Click the Convert button.

Next you'll see a box with details about the conversion; read through the message and click Continue.

And with that, the conversion is finished! Both your site and account can now be accessed directly through

This conversion includes a free month of Pro service so that you can continue editing your site if needed. But keep in mind that if you make changes after this free month of Pro expires all of the multimedia features (like video and audio) will disappear from your site. This means you're welcome to edit your site for up to a month after conversion, and so long as you do not make any further edits after that month passes it will remain published with all features intact.

Also, as part of the competition your site was assigned an address that looked something like When the site is converted to Weebly it's assigned a new address that also uses eight numbers, but does not include the letters "nhd", like Your site is immediately switched to this new address once it's converted and you'll want to make note of it.

You're welcome to change the site address to something else entirely if you'd prefer not to use randomized numbers. Read this short guide to learn how to change your site's address.

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