Adding Blog Posts To Your Emails

Keeping your blog readers up to date is a piece of cake with Promote’s Blog Element. In just a few clicks you can create an eye-catching email using content pulled directly from your blog.

To get started, drag the Blog Element onto your email and click on the default layout to bring up the options.

Click the Add Posts button to choose a Weebly blog you want to work with, and then select the post you want to add to the element. You can add multiple posts at once or just a single post if you prefer. If you want to add posts from more than one blog, you can simply add another Blog Element to your email.

If you change your mind, you can add more posts, re-arrange their order, or remove posts. To rearrange or remove posts, click on Reorder and drag an item to change its position or delete it using the minus button to the left.

Once you’ve added your posts and arranged them to your liking, click the X in the upper left to exit the Manage window. Click again on the element to bring up the customization options.

From here, you can choose a different layout and toggle display of various options depending on which layout you’re using.

You can also change the text for the post title, short description and read more link.

If your blog is hosted somewhere other than Weebly, you can still take advantage of the Blog Element by using your blog’s RSS feed URL with the External Blog option. If you’re not sure where to find your RSS feed, contact your blog host and they’ll be able to show you.

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