Recreate Your Website Navigation

Promote’s Navigation element allows you to easily embed your website navigation menu in an email. This is a great way to highlight specific parts of your site and guide your visitors directly to those pages.



Drag the Navigation element to your email and click on it to choose which pages to display.



Click on the Select Pages button, and then choose up to seven different pages to add to the element. You can add a second Navigation element if you have more than seven pages you want to include, but it’s a good idea to have no more than seven to avoid clutter.



Once you’ve added your pages, you can rearrange them or remove some if you change your mind. Click on Reorder, and then use the drag icon on the right of a page to change its position, or the delete icon on the left to remove it.



When you’re done, exit the manage screen and click again on the element to access the options. You can change the look of the menu using one of six different layout styles, and adjust alignment and spacing for the menu. We used the “Bold” layout with a custom background color for the example in this guide.



You can also toggle the Responsive Navigation feature on or off. Enabling this option will collapse the Navigation element into a menu icon when your email is viewed on smaller screens, so your email will look gorgeous no matter what.



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