Add a Dynamic Sign Up Form with the Pop-Ups Tool

Pop-ups are a great way to catch the attention of your visitors - use them to make an announcement, offer a coupon to new signups, or simply build up your mailing list.


Creating a pop-up is quick and easy. From your dashboard, go to Marketing > Pop-ups, then click “Build it” under the type of pop-up you want to create.


Click on any of the thumbnails to view an example of the layout. You can use the buttons at the top to see how it displays on mobile compared to desktop and check out the confirmation message visitors will see.

Once you’ve decided on a layout, click on the buttons below to edit additional settings:

Title and Text
Customize the color, style, and content of the display text and confirmation message.

Form Fields
Customize the placeholder text and style of the form fields and toggle the Name and Birthday fields on or off.

Action Buttons
Customize the behavior and style of the primary button and close icon. The action button can be set to an email address or phone number. Alternatively, you can set it to open a page on your website or an external website.

Set a background color for your pop-up and upload an image for layouts that include one.


Click on Settings at the top left to configure the pop-up behavior. The following options can be adjusted here:

Pop-up Name
An internal name for your pop-up (eg, lead generation form).

Configure which actions will trigger the pop-up for visitors.

Display Frequency
Decide how often to display the pop-up for returning visitors.

Stopping Conditions
Choose when to permanently stop displaying the pop-up based on the visitor’s actions.

Select a timeframe for the pop-up. This is handy if you want to offer a limited-time discount to new signups, for example.

Email Notifications
Check the box here to enter your email address and specify how often you want to be notified of new submissions. You can choose from immediately, once daily, once weekly, or once a month.

Embed Code
Copy the code here to manually insert it into a webpage.


When you’re finished setting up your pop-up, click the publish button to confirm and make the pop-up available on your live website.


You can view and manage any pop-ups you’ve created from your dashboard in Website > Pop-ups. Click the . . . icon and then View details to see a preview of the selected pop-up. On the preview page, click Actions > Edit to make changes to the settings.

Note: The pop-up will be temporarily disabled during editing, and you’ll need to publish your site again after making changes.

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