Set Up Automated Emails

If you’re a Promote Grow or Accelerate subscriber, you can create automations to send emails to your contacts based on certain actions. This is a great way to keep your visitors engaged or provide incentives to customers who haven’t visited in awhile. These automated emails don’t count towards your plan’s regular email limit, so you can take advantage of them in addition to sending out emails manually (Grow customers can have up to 5 automations, while Accelerate customers can have unlimited automations).

To get started, click on the Automated link in the Promote sidebar and select a trigger for your automation.

There are several different triggers to choose from based on visitor actions - you can even send a birthday message to contacts whose birth date you have stored in their contact info. Place your mouse over the info icon on each trigger for more details on how they work.

Once you’ve made your selection, the rest is pretty straightforward. You can choose a subject line for your message as well as the timing for when it should be sent.

Next, simply compose the email the same way that you would a manual email in Promote. When you’re done, you’ll be prompted to enter a name for your automation and decide which customers to send it to. When you have everything set up the way you want, click the Activate button to make the automation live. That’s it - everything else will happen automatically as your customers trigger the automation.

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