Add and Edit Shipping Addresses

Your shipping address is where you ship your orders from. It can be a different address than your store address. You can change your shipping address, but you can have only one.

TIP: Having addresses in different states can affect the sales tax you need collect. Be sure to check out our Taxes topic for more info.

Add a Shipping Address

If you entered an address under the general store settings (Store > Setup), then you have the option to use that address as your shipping address. If you do, anytime you update the address from the Setup page, it will update automatically on the Shipping page as well. Or you can enter a new address if you ship from a different location.

To create a shipping address:

  1. Go to the Store page and then Setup > Shipping.
  2. On the Shipping page, click Add Shipping Address.
  3. If you want to use the same address as the store address entered on the Setup page, then select that option. Otherwise, enter a new address. Company name and Address are required fields.

    : If you don't see the option to use your store address, it's because you haven't entered one on the Store > Setup page. If the option is grayed out, it's likely that the address you did enter is not valid. Enter it again in this dialog to have it validated. Be sure to change it on your Setup page too.

Edit a Shipping Address

You can come back and edit your address anytime from this page. An Edit link allows you to reopen the dialog and make your changes. If you are using your store address, then you'll need to uncheck Use store address to make any changes. If you want to change the store address, change it on the Store Settings page and the change will be made to the shipping address too.

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