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Setting up taxes requires the Weebly Business plan or better.


DISCLAIMER: Weebly is not a tax advisor, nor an accounting firm. Tax compliance is your responsibility. We do not guarantee the applicability or accuracy of our tax tools. If you have any questions about your tax obligations, you should consult a professional tax advisor.


Weebly takes the guesswork out of charging sales tax and makes it simple to set up and manage tax rates. Customers in the United States can take advantage of the automatic tax calculator for US shipments. Canadian customers can use the pre-populated country and province taxes, and customers in other locations can manually add tax rates by country.

Automatically Calculate US Tax Rates

The first step is to make sure your products are set up to charge tax and that you’ve entered addresses for all of your locations. For more help in setting up your store for taxes, please see this article.

Next, go to Store > Setup > Taxes. In the Tax Rates area, click Add tax rate. If you’ve already added shipping rates, then click Set Up.

Click the Automatically calculate taxes checkbox to turn it on. You’ll then see rates for any states where you have a physical presence and need to collect sales tax. Click the View link to see the specific rates charged for each zip code in that state.

NOTE: You must have a valid US address (store, shipping, etc.) in order to use the calculator. If this option is disabled, it may be because your address(es) are not valid. For each address, click the Edit button to edit and save your address(es). This will validate the address.


Create Canadian Taxes

Canadian taxes are pre-populated for the provinces and territories but can be overridden if need be.

To create Canadian tax rates:

  1. Go to Store > Setup > Taxes.
  2. In the Tax Rates area, click Add tax rate, or if you already have a shipping rule for the Canada and it's listed, click Set Up.
  3. Select Canada as the country.
    All Canadian provinces and territories are shown in the dialog with an Edit link.

4. Change the country tax rate by entering a new amount in the Country Tax Rate field.
5. Click Edit for the province/territory that you want to manually add a tax rate for.
From this dialog, you can do a number of things:

  • Change the tax rate by entering a new amount in the Tax Rate field.
  • Change the tax name by entering a new name.
  • Change the rule.
    * Select Add to have this rate added to the country tax.
    * Select Instead to have this rate charged instead of the country tax.
    * Select Compound to have this rate calculated based on the total of the order plus the state tax.

Click Save when you’re finished, or click Reset to Default to start over.

Create Taxes for Other Countries

Taxes outside of the US and Canada are charged at the country level only, and need to be created manually.

To create taxes for other countries:

  1. Go to Store > Setup > Taxes.

  2. In the Tax Rates area, click Add tax rate, or if you already have a shipping rule for the country, click Set Up.

  3. Enter the appropriate info in the Country Tax Rate and a Tax Name fields.
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