Build Your Store Starting with Your Storefront

You've added your categories and products, now it's time to display them on your site. Luckily, with Weebly, you can design your own storefront - it's as easy as drag and drop, just like the rest of Weebly. No cookie cutter entry to your store that look just like everyone else's. You can truly make it your own. And if you don't like the way it looks the first time, a simple change of settings can give you an entire new look without having to move things around.

For easy store management, your category and product pages are built dynamically for you. You don't need to create new pages each time you add products or want more categories. But if you want to do it all from scratch and totally custom, you can!

The one store page you will likely want to make is your storefront page.

Note: Before you can create your store's pages, you need to have created your products and categories.

A storefront page will help surface your categories and feature your best products so your customers get a great idea of the products you sell. You use the Categories and Products elements (along with other elements) on a standard Weebly page to create a stunning entryway to your store. You can make this the home page of your site, or you can create a separate page accessed from the navigation menu to serve as the storefront. It's all up to you!

If you've used one of our great eCommerce themes, then you'll need to populate the Category and Product elements with your own categories and products.


If you want to create your storefront from scratch, you can do that too. You can use any Weebly elements to design your page and then use the the Category and Product elements to showcase those. The best store pages will have a good arrangement of products, categories, images, and sections, all of which can be dragged in from the sidebar in the Editor.

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