Organize Your Store with Categories

Categories allow you to organize your store in a way that makes it easy for your customers to find exactly what they're looking for. They are especially important when your store has many different products. Can you imagine walking into a big-box store that didn't have its products organized by departments? You'd never find anything! And that's how your customers will feel if your store doesn't have categories to help them.

Products can belong to more than one category, so you can also use categories to feature different products. For example, you might create an "On Sale" category to showcase all your items with sale prices. Or you might create a seasonal category. When products are assigned to more than one category, they automatically show up on every assigned category page.



To create a category, go to the Store page, click Products and then Categories. All your current categories are displayed. Click Add Category in the upper right.


You can add a name and upload an image. You can also change the type of header that will be used on its Category page by changing the Layout Options.

To add products to the category, click Select Products. Choose the products that you want in this category, then click Save.


You can always add more products as as needed, and products can be assigned to multiple categories.

Products are initially organized in the order in which you added them, and they'll display that way as well. You can reorder products within a category by clicking and dragging them.


On the Category List page (Store > Products > Categories), each category shows the image used in the store and the number of products currently in that category.


To organize categories, click and drag categories to change the order. Drag a category under and to the right of another category to turn it into a subcategory.

To delete one or more categories, click the checkbox(es) next to the category and then click Delete.

Note: Deleting a category will delete all its subcategories, but not any products.

To edit a category, simply click on it to open its details page. Make changes and then be sure to click Save.

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